DSCN0740aI’m Lia Rees, and WaterBalloon Media is the name I use when creating video trailers and book ads for clients. My other line of work is Free Your Words, which provides services for authors; book design, layout, covers and promotional graphics. I began making video trailers as a subsidiary to this, but quickly realised that WaterBalloon Media was a bigger idea and needed to live as a separate entity. You can see my portfolio here.

My style varies from bold and lively to dark and atmospheric, according to the material you give me and the ideas you throw into the pot. I can embellish with dramatic flourishes or give an understated presentation that lets your images shine. I compile my videos using stock video and audio, so you don’t have to worry about copyright. Of course, if you provide your own footage or audio (a friend’s band, for example?) I’ll happily work with it, assuming the quality is good enough.

Brilliant Basics

Full-Length Work

My portfolio is here. If you want to know more or commission me, get in touch on Facebook or drop me a line at lia@freeyourwords.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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